Why we love men ..

I was browsing the other day when I came across the following excerpt. Nowadays, women are looking for reasons to fall for the opposite sex, and that's a fact!
I made a list on what my research says;

We love men because they can’t fake an orgasm, even if they wanted to.

Because they will never understand us, yet even so they go on trying.

Because they still manage to see our beauty, even when we ourselves no longer believe it.

Because they understand equations, politics, maths and economics, but not the feminine heart.

Because they are lovers who only rest when we have had (or pretend to have had) pleasure.

Because they manage to raise sport to something bordering on religion.

Because they are never afraid of the dark.

Because they insist on fixing things that are beyond their capacity, and dedicate themselves to this with the same enthusiasm as an adolescent, and get frustrated when they don’t succeed.

Because they are like pomegranates: most of them is impossible to digest, but the seeds are delicious.

Because they never comment on what the neighbors might think.

Because we always know what they are thinking, and when they open their mouth they say exactly what we imagined they would.

Because they never dreamed of torturing themselves wearing high heels.

Because they love to explore our body and conquer our soul.

Because a 14-year-old girl can leave them speechless, and a 25-year-old woman can tame them quite effortlessly.

Because they are always attracted by extremes: the opulent or the ascetic, warriors or monks, artists or generals.

Because they do absolutely everything possible to try to hide their weaknesses.

Because a man’s biggest fear is not being a man (it never crosses a woman’s mind not to be a woman).

Because they always eat everything on their plate, and don’t feel guilty about it.

Because they take great delight in completely uninteresting matters, such as what happened at work, or different makes of automobiles.

Because they have shoulders where we can rest our heads and sleep without much effort.

Because they are at peace with their bodies, except for small, insignificant things like growing bald and getting fat.

Because they are incredibly courageous in front of insects.

Because they never lie about their age.

Because despite everything they try to demonstrate, they can’t live without a woman.

Because when we tell one of them “I love you”, they always ask us to explain exactly how.

As funny as this may sound, dont we all just make ourselves believe in that which is so non-existent? where there are easier ways to come to terms with the fact that not everyone has what you are looking for and yet the agony.

Never the less, the above list is a woman’s compilation. It is worth a look by men folk, who cant keep a relationship going. Words are sweet but actions are sweeter. I have one theory or philosophy, however you may like to put it. I think that men and women will love or fall in love with each other if they come out as themselves and not be something which they arent. Because at the end of the end, the temporary fades and the Real Self surfaces. I would love my man for the man he is and what makes him, him, rather than what makes him Tom Cruise or Jim Carrey. Life is not a bed of roses or pointers. I would love my man to do a lot of things, but I will love him for not going there where he should not go and please me for some moments. I am hanging onto forever rather today , this moment or now. I am falling deeper and deeper for him, with no 'ifs' and 'buts' involved.

14 love for me ..:

Anonymous said...

i'll take this post as a compliment on behalf of my gender...xD

Nostalgic said...

Lol, I appreciate.

Zee said...

i loved it. every line made me think about my man, and pin my dreams and hopes..but yes i know the real deal, what u said in the end. and i totally agree:)

Anonymous Someone said...

Aren't we fabulous?
So are you, and so was this post. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
Keep writing such interesting stuff.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Nostalgic said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you :) and yes, men are fabulous, and so are we =p ..

Nostalgic said...

@ Zee: I am glad you loved it =D for its important to know, how our would-be bride thinks about the opposite sex =p ..

Anonymous said...

nice post :)

Aazar ali shad said...

Awesome Nostalgic......I loved it :P......All are so true :D

Nostalgic said...

@ majworld: thankyouuuu! =D

Nostalgic said...

@ Aazar: I know. Duudee, its a bitter fact =p

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...

hehe nice post, men would be very happy to read it.. as i can see from some comments above hee hee

men are very cute...very annoying but cute. just like we are to them.

H.G. said...

veritably beautifully indited.... great post..

Nostalgic said...

@ Diamond: haha, men love to be appreciated =D and yeah, they're cute ;) but, we're even more <3

Nostalgic said...

@ H.G: Thanks a lot dude!(=

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I believe that it's the ordinary that is so distinguished. I am only an amateur who sees the mundane with a twist. Goes around putting titles on self-perceived moments as life goes on by...