If I could explain ..

My heart is completely occupied by his thoughts, all the times, I don't remember when was the last time I had him off my mind. Maybe, sometime even GOD gets amazed to see how much Ipraise him, he is like, my butterfly, or maybe more than that, but i think butterfly is something that takes your heart away, easily... When he talks to me, i feel like he just keeeeeeeps on talking and just that I love the way I can talk to him, approach him, spill my mind and heart out to him and still know that he will love me the same way, forever. It is always fine. I am easily emotionally blackmailed and so is he.Guess what, O?! I love the way we can be on different wave-lengths, and still be so communicated.
I never have to look away or keep a thing inside. You are so amiable in your loving friendship.
Tears fill my eyes when you're upset with me or even worse, disappointed. Or when you just don't care. I know in my heart you will do what's right, you know how to tame me. Well, mostly at least!
Material things will never matter as long as I have you.

You make every day that passes so much easier to get through, its like as if you are my angel. Guiding me along the path, the path to you. The path to both of us.

My worries disappear when you're around, no pain, no agony. No thoughts of ambivalence or doubt. I feel your love when you hold me close to yourself, with the way you call out my name. With the way you say “Baby” ..

I don't care what they are talking about, I don’t care what they feel or think. All I have learnt to ever care for is my selfish own self. And well now, all I care for is you. I love you for everything that you are, and well I'll love you for what you will become.

My addiction to self analysis will never go away. No matter how stubborn like my father says I am, my brain did not get swapped. Even if it DID, its MY brain now!
How do I know I love you?
A simple question, whose answer I could complicate well beyond my own virtuoso comprehension. More answers than we have kisses. With more reasons than the time you have to hear me out. Your smile makes me wish for immortality, that crazily contagious beast of glee. If only to see it over and over for always till death do us apart.
Being in your presence is being myself. I feel no need of defenses, or walls. A meeting with no pretense and need for impressions.

What a hollow pride I have started to live in. Things are not as certain as I have come to feel. Still a long way to go, to come. I can not slack off, not till you sleep beside me every night.

Too much at stake to keep loosing my lid at … These minutes spent without you, tick by slower than years, but that sweet promise of yours, brings a secret smile and a calm assurance to my mind. Then this reassurance flooded to the rim with memories that leave a delicious craving all over my mind.

The way you look at me, with those hope filled eyes. Those dark brown stars of mine that send shivers down my spine, and back up my ass. Really. The way our gazes touch. The way you look at my eyes and as I trace your every detail with mine. With my finger tips.
They call it missing a beat. I call it demodulation of love, into lust.
I am stronger because of you here and yet weaker all at once. I would not trade this sweet vulnerability, this sacred opening to everything I am, for anything. Its just as I like it. Its perfect. You are perfect. Flawless!
I willingly offer it, my whole domain to you. What ever is mine, is yours, is ours.

I have begun to think of you as an extension of my own self. As someone that compliments me to utter bliss. Two beautiful pieces. Now joined into one. Not just beautiful. But destined - Fated.

Autopsy-ed ; Provoked ;Touched under a lime light moon. Kissed, a peck, in a dark enchanted forest ;Tasted at a lake.
What promises do I hold? To never stop loving you. To never leave unless I was asked to by your heart.
To never leave the car and mortgaged home.To never leave.And so when you ask me if I love you, your voice hushed by the lateness of the hour, that sweet intoxicating curiosity touched with wonder. How it is that I know?It is easy to answer you now, love.

It is because my soul smiles at my heart when it hears my tongue saying it.
Rather Biological.
Purely Biological.


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- Dm - said...

beautiful ♥

that's pure love , congratulations!! hold it tight. *hug*

Anonymous said...


Doesn't it feel like the bessstesst thing ever? (:

My dear,i wish this love gets stronger each second,and fills your life with numerous moments one would die for!

Nostalgic said...

@ Dm: That's what am gona do <3 *hugs back*


@ Shaggy: InshAllah :)

Shantanu said...

Girl.. Thats what I call a platonic Love. <3

God bless you.

Mademoiselle Deva said...

beautiful!!! i would love to be madly in love right now!!

Nostalgic said...

@ Shan: Welcome to my blog <3 keep reading!


@ Mademoiselle: Ty, babes :) Love is indeed beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wow..waisay have u heard that ghazal..ae ishq hamein barbad na kr :p

Nostalgic said...

@ Maj: No, i haven't. But it sounds interesting =) tell mi about it?!

Anonymous said...


listen this then.. :)

♥ ♥Duchess ♥ ♥ said...

Awesomeness and I can understand that feeling in your stomach :)

Nostalgic said...

@ Maj: Listened that, amazing :)


@ Duchess: Aww, its ah-mazinggg.. ♥

pH_the priness said...

aaaannnnnnn !!! you are one lucky girl :)
and may your love flourish with years !

Nostalgic said...

@ princess: Yeah, I am blessed =) ..

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I believe that it's the ordinary that is so distinguished. I am only an amateur who sees the mundane with a twist. Goes around putting titles on self-perceived moments as life goes on by...