You Complete Me, O ♥♥

This love is my art.

True love isn't an emotion or a fleeting passion. True love is something bigger than that... something deeper. It works in your life and you are never the same.

You're begging 
the question 
about what it is I see.

These pictures
I conjure
are a reflection unto me.

My vision
is clouded
by a hopeful image I've gained.

Those pictures
are blurry
because my thoughts are always stained.

You there
it's pointless;
I don't care to see that day.

You're perfect,
I realize
but I love you either way.

I seem to know you,
Moonlight dripping off your brow;
Your smile like a shattered remnant of a beautiful thing.
I'm so caught up in you.
I can taste your skin
And feel your breath.

You're good for me. You are Perfect.

Your words make me think of liquid glass: smooth and breathtaking.
You're untouchable and you don't even know it.
I could never hope to be like you.

It's too late to tell you this, or maybe it's too early

But your disturbing amount of charm has overwhelmed me and I can't stop.

I want you to be that something that makes me think twice
When I’m on your back trying to give up.
I would take what you offered, take what they declined: a smile, a handshake, a lifetime...
I'd breathe into you what is missing from your lungs.

Despite your unjustified optimism, you by no means had me at hello. It was the low lighting 
I guess.
I am left hollow without you. I love you more than these words would ever say. You complete me.

20 love for me ..:

♥ ♥Duchess ♥ ♥ said...

Bful lines.
Love love when love is all around.

Insomniac said...

Wow Nostalgic, I love this poetry and i adore your feelings for HIM. May you both live happily ever after with broad broad smiles on your faces :)

Bea said...

Awwww sooo touchy!! Luvd it!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

you just say them here or to him in person too...make sure he reads these. No, better, narrate them unto him.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

Very touching.true love is a beautiful feeling.let it captivate you for ever.

Nostalgic said...

@ Duchess: Thank you baby <3


@ Insomniac: Thank you :) I missed your comments!


@ Bea: Thanks, Bea :)


@ Blasphemous Aesthete: I am glad you liked it. And yeah, he reads it :) but never comments, I hope the day comes soon =p ..


@ Meher: Thank you <3 it has already captured me.

Scribbling Girl said...

So so beautiful :)
And i love the positivity!
Just keep smiling <3
True love is best one can have <3

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hello Nostalgic!

O wow... that is so sweet!
Btw, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my Hungry Ghost festival post.. Yup... I do wonder too where will they have time to enjoy the burnt stuff?!

Tazeen said...

Awww! <3 That was scho schweet! :D

Zave said...

That was a beauty, I just hope he has read this.

CATGIRL !! said...

Gee thanx nostalgic for liking my post and becoming a follower!
kindly look at th epost again for horizontal pics. I have changed the instructions
and a li'l advise about your blog that the width is tooo wide for PCs. Maybe on laptop you can view it but try reducing the blog width by atleast 20 pixels!
Rest your outlook, pics, writings are awesome!!

Shantanu said...

oye Nosto..!! ek number. very touchy. <3

Crazy Diamond said...

does he read this blog? he'll feel like the luckiest man on earth! :)

Nostalgic said...

@ Scribbling: Indeed, He the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks baby <3


@ Tazeen: Eee. I am so glad you liked it <3


@ Zave: Hey, thanks for dropping by :) and yes, I nag him a lot about my blog, he reads it :) ..


@ CATGIRL: Oh, I had no idea about that, will see to it for sure :) and follow follow me, there's more to come :) ..


@ Shan: Hainaaa? Thanks rey!


@ Crazy: I hope he does -*wonders* ..

Ria said...

That was so beautifully worded!! :) Loved it.

ph_the princess said...

Okie that was very nice :) You are so expressive . Every line explains the depth of emotion you've written it with ! I am sure now after reading many of your posts on love that you both are very very lucky to have each other :)

Ubaid said...

This I love :)

iloveyouvalentine said...

you have such an innovative and unique voice about you that i love. you convey your emotions with a simple topic, but spun in a new way. i've just found your site, but by this post, i find so many quotable lines!
i would have to say my favorite line is "i'd breath into you what is missing from your lungs."

i can't wait to see the rest of your blog :)
if you get a chance, please take a look at mine! i just began.

Nostalgic said...

@ Ria: Thanks babe :)


@ Princess: Aww, really? Yeah, I feel blessed to have a man like him :)


@ Ubaid: Thank you, Ubaid :)


@ Ilyvalentine: Hey, thanks for dropping by :) I'm glad you liked my blog. Gona read you soon.

ph_the princess said...

a very few people there are that when they write , their every word is filled with the purity of their feelings ... you are one of them :)

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I believe that it's the ordinary that is so distinguished. I am only an amateur who sees the mundane with a twist. Goes around putting titles on self-perceived moments as life goes on by...