Unconditional Love..

We sat in silence in the garden where the moon shone its silver upon us through the trees and their leaves. Wind rustled through the flowers and carried with it, a strange sentiment which stirred the deepest and most beautiful feelings of ours. Sounds of silence echoed within and without, resounding with it each sentiment of mine to him, carrying it more vividly then speech could convey or painting could depict.

Pulling my gaze away from the moon which shone with its magnificent beauty upon our hearts, enchanting us, leading us to a world where everything but us and the sentiments flowing through us ceased to exist, I looked into his eyes. Filled with tears of immense joy and at the same time tinted with sadness, they seemed to be the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen , reflecting to me a complete world of handsomeness and love beyond which , everything grew meaningless and every joy futile. His eyes bore through me and my soul and touched every part of my soul as it fringed upon ecstasy soaring into highest dimensions where love dwelt and songs of joy were sung and everything smiled; where dew twinkled and sun shone and calm scented and peace smelled in everything. His gaze lifted my soul of all miseries and to those farthest dimensions where nothing but pure ecstasy and innocence of love exists , untouched and hindered from the vices of times and dust of centuries .

'You know, I don't want to hurt you, I never wanted to. I am scared’ he said in a very low voice, looking at me intently, perhaps wanting of me a worded form of whatever my soul experienced. I closed my eyes for a moment, opened them again and looking back into his eyes, saying nothing. 'Say something' he insisted. ‘Is there a need to? For my soul talks to your soul and becomes one with it in the beautiful garden of love; are there any words I may use to describe the touch of innocent love that froze in me the moment I saw you and is never going to fade through the tread of times and weathers?’

'How could you give me so much love knowing that how unsure I am about my future' his voice almost broke. I cupped his face in my hands, 'You had been living a life so dull until I walked in and you know how different it is since then. I know why future scares you and just like you care for me, I have no words to describe how I feel about you. I want to make it better for you, let me?' ‘I don't want you to regret in future. Why don't you understand? I care for you.’ he spoke and I could feel the pangs of his soul which echoed through the silent night. And I knew how he felt about it. 'I am the only sunshine in your life and I know if I left, you'll sink in the darkness again. Would you forget my love, O?!' , I replied breaking into his arms.

‘How can I forget the love that breathed into my soul a new life? How can the elixir I've drunk from the cup of love fade in me for if it do , I will be but a corpse because its love that breathes and lives within me and wakes me in the mornings with its warm arms and brings sleep to me at dark nights. How can I not remember the flight of my soul from the cage of limitations and restrictions to the skies of eternity where scents of infinity flew with me and how can I forget the moment when love led me to the farthest horizons over the blushes of twilight and through shady dawns and dusty dusks?’ he answered.

I could see his wet eyes. Every inch of him wanted me to stay, he was too scared to say it out aloud. ' Our love should be enough to lead a healthy relationship. Things will fall accordingly' I assured him. He gave out a long sigh and looked at me with the perfect smile. 'I love you. I could get no other woman better than you.' He pulled me close, wrapped his arms around me. 'Have I ever promised you that I'm not going to talk about leaving, hm?' he questioned. I closed my eyes and whispered a 'No', I felt his grip tightened around me. 'You, are the best thing that ever happened to me, a blessing in my life. Baby, you have my promise now, I'm not going to talk about leaving, I mean it.' And with that delirium of having him again by my side, the feeling of his hands wrapped around me, washing the somber aches of poignant loneliness off my eyes and drenching me in the cadence of his breathes, I lived yet another lifetime in that single moment of ultimate euphoria.

Anyone can lead a life with a complete man, it takes a real woman to carry a healthy relationship with a man who lacks perfection. He deserves my love. So I consented ..

12 love for me ..:

Anonymous Someone said...

And together when they looked at the world, it was a better place already.

How do you define a complete man? No man is complete without a woman. She completes him complements him.

Crazy Diamond said...

wow :)

i can't say anything else.. I'm just very happy for you

Reenie said...

Happy if you are :).

Good luck, hun.

Madhu said...

wow...well written...superb!

Ishi said...

awesome!!truly serene description..touching..

Anonymous said...

hey honey! Yaaayy honey! :D

i wish you both the best of the best!!

Nostalgic said...

@ Anonymous: True, the world seems so much better with him :) and yes, I agree that no one is complete, but what I meant here was, some lacks perfection while few are near to perfect!


@ Crazy: *hugs* Thanks babe, for your advices.


@ Reenie: Yeah, I'm contented :)

Nostalgic said...

@ Madhu: Thanks babe :)


@ Ishi: Thanks for dropping by :)


@ Existing: *hugs back*

Anonymous said...

And i am happy for you again :)

Scribbling Girl said...

wow so happy for u girl :)
Promise of love is really worth it ....I am sure u guys will sail through!

P.S. hope u not angry with me girl for being bit pessimistic on ur last post...just a broken heart spoke....otherwise my prayers wishes for neone i see in love....i gave my best till i cd breathe my last....so i hope u understand >:D<
Love u gal!

Nostalgic said...

@ Scribbling: No, I value whatever you people tell me, its completely okay gurl :) I know whatever you said had some meaning behind and nonetheless, I know he loves me a lot and would never part away.

ph_the princess said...

Like a missing piece of puzzle ,
you complete me my love ... !
*thumbs up* to you girl !

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I believe that it's the ordinary that is so distinguished. I am only an amateur who sees the mundane with a twist. Goes around putting titles on self-perceived moments as life goes on by...