Mortal Agony!

I am ashamed to be a Pakistani. I really want Allah to doom us forever! Nothing is left in this nation!! Even animals are better than these people :( Today I cry and beg Allah to finish this entire nation. We don't deserve to live anymore :( I dont think that we would ever rectify our mistakes because we have indeed died as a nation.

Two brothers were killed brutally in public in Sialkot, Pakistan, for injuring four people at a cricket match
In Sialkot, Pakistan, people tried to take justice in their own hands by teaching a lesson to two brothers, a bit too brutally, for injuring four people at a cricket match.
The incident took place when two brothers ended up in a brawl in a local cricket match and they ended up injuring four people. The charged mob got out-raged and started beating the two brothers. The beating got so brutal that the two brothers lost their lives and all the people of Sialkot considered it a lesson well taught.
There was even a police officer present at the event but he did nothing to stop the beating.
The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry took suo moto notice of the Sialkot beating and has slammed the police officer who was present at Sialkot beatings over torture and killings of the brothers and has summoned the Secretary Establishment for action against the police.
The Sialkot beatings and eventual killings have sparked up hatred in my heart for my own country!

To see the inhumane behavior, click here.

Now, what do you think of such barbaric act? They were worst than animals. I urge law enforcing and judicial authorities to hang all those who committed this heinous crime and not spare even those who were standing there like spectators. This is not the death of two innocent young boys but this is death of our social norms and values. Such types of events are disastrous for our law enforcing mechanism. The incident has made our face ugliest. Alas! They could think about humanity and they could think about feelings of the mother of victims.

In the shock of the incidence, everything went black for a moment. How can Human beings be so devoid of mercy and sensibility when the matters of investigation come? How can a human take law in their hands and then in the name of law, eliminates the concept of law?

The brutality exhibited b the people to the two brothers in
Sialkot has just vanished the difference between Human and animals. Where was the respect of The Holy Ramadan in the people, which conveys the message of mercy? Till when the tears of a mother go unanswered? There is no despair indeed because There is A CREATOR over us.

I read articles where there is opposition against Islamic Law and its rulings. What happened in
Sialkot was beyond the scope of crime? Is this acceptable rather being given punishment on equal level. When there is a set of genuine rulings on crimes, people avoid to go close. human always need a ruling because of the extreme behavior we can exhibit. When in a society, Wide opposition against The Holy Prophet's Rulings exists and there is no justice, then the society is responsible for the consequences.

Then, there is no time of difficulty but the time of trial.

Day by day, the respect for the fellow beings is fading away. The hearts have become tough so much so that we can now see blood of sheep and the human at the same time with no FEELING.

I know there would be many of you criticizing this post. Did I say anything wrong? 
Pakistanis as a nation are facing the wrath of Allah and shall continue to because they have been worse than worst in all these years. What justice you're talking about? Do u live in a protected shell and is oblivion to the brutalities carried out everyday by these so called great people of Pakistan? When I said that this nation doesn’t deserve to live I included myself in because i never imagined myself seeing my brothers getting killed everyday by their own brothers. Every Muslim is brother to the other. Its in the last Sermon of Our Prophet (Salal-lah -ho -allihi-wasalam) "Regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust."  Do u see us Pakistani Muslims following this? All are never the same but if the majority is astray then why do we deserve getting second chances all the time?? You wouldn’t have been so relaxed if God forbid it happened to someone close to you but then its the duty of a true Muslim to feel the pain of the other! I’m devastated and shall continue to be!!

May Allah the Almighty rest the souls of the oppressed in peace and guide us and give strength to their family members to bear this tragic loss. May Allah's curse be upon them who participated and witnessed this barbaric incident. We as a nation have lost our morale and character and should beg for His Almighty forgiveness before His Wrath diminishes us completely. Floods, earthquakes and corrupt leaders are some signs of His wrath on us.

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Sidra Ch. said...

barbaric is a small word. sighs

Sidrah said...

I agree with you.. those animals should be hanged to death, I can't understand how the people standing there were just watching it happen, they didn't even try to help. Pure evil!

Insh'Allah those 2 boys will go straight to heaven =') Allah bless their souls.

Reenie said...

I understand the frustration here, but you are guilty of generalizing- my dear. It was a barbaric gesture, yes- but any one or two incidents alone do not represent a nation.

Of course I know you do not mean it so seriously, and all you are doing here is vent but I thought I'd say it anyway. I have met and am friends with too many nice pakistanis to ever wish doom on their country. I keep wishing things may work out for your country and maybe one day it will.

Nostalgic said...

@ Reenie: Babe,you have no slightest idea what we face each day, trust me, every day hundreds of innocent people are shot dead. How do you expect us to react?

Its not about two or three incidents but about hundreds of brutal deaths we face here each day. You have no idea, my dear.

Bea said...

*Sigh* May Allah guide us all to the right path... Thats the best i can think of at this time...

floydian said...

Hey Nostalgic you said nothing wrong in your post. As Muslims and Pakistanis, we have reached our lowest ebb. Words cannot describe and emotions cannot engulf what happened on August the 15th.

RIP Mueez and Muneeb.

majworld said...

its sad and hope we can learn from our mistakes and ask for forgiveness in this holy month..

♥ ♥Duchess ♥ ♥ said...

It happens everywhere.
Loathe, discrimination, crime is in every nation baby.

I totally understand how you feeling.

♥ ♥Duchess ♥ ♥ said...

however the same nation has a pure heart like you who totally follow Islam.

So, take it easy.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

I hate being a pakistani :(

Nostalgic said...

@ Duchess: I think we are the miserable wretch on the face of this planet! No other nation is worst than us.

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