Final Goodbye - From O.


I had thought I would have sufficient words for this e-mail. But now
when I’m putting them down, I find myself blank. I’ve decided not to
beat around the bush, not to play with words and just be direct and to
the point.

It is over…everything we had for last one year. After having thought
about each and every little aspect of my and your life, I’ve finally
come up to the conclusion that there is no “us”. We are never going to
make a sound life together. We are too different to understand each
other. I’m writing this e-mail in all my senses and I take complete
responsibility of my words here. So please, do not take it as a joke
or something that I would declare afterwards, meaningless. I mean each
and every word of it.

If you ask me if I love you or not…I would say I never knew what love
was. I still do not know. And I guess, I do not believe in it. I
misunderstood, misjudged and misspelled my feelings for you, to be
love. It wasn’t love. I do not love you, U. I can never love you.

I tried to get along but you are not my kind and I am not yours. I can
never be happy with you which, would eventually make both of us
unhappy. There is no chance of us being together…so please let go and
try to forget me.
I suggest, you should agree to whatever your mother asks of you. She’d
be delighted and content, and so would you be. And mark my words…five
years from now, you’d be laughing over all this.

I just hope this time, for the first time in your life, you’d act
maturely. There is no use of running after me because let me assure
you that the more you’re going to run after me, the more I’m going to
run away from you. I hope you’d understand me this time and will not
create any problem for me or for yourself.

Please, do not try to find me or contact or do anything stupid. This
would be the only thing I’d ask from you, in return of whatever good
I’ve ever been to you. I’ve already had enough and now I want peace in
my life. And you’re going to ruin it if you try anything stupid. Plus,
you’re not going to change my mind or for that matter, change anything
by trying to contact me or being persistent.

U, at last I would once again tell you…it is over! And I want to
be very clear in this regard. There is nothing left between us. I do
not have anything in my heart. All of my feelings have vanished or
faded away.

I do not regret anything that I wrote in this e-mail. I mean it. I’m
not angry or mad at you. I’m very cool and calm at the moment. I
wanted to do it on phone. But I have experienced it earlier as
well…that you were never going to listen to me and you’d have created
more problems for me, that way. So I decided to do this via e-mail.
I am not sure about what your reaction would be…but I just want to let
you know, that WHATSO EVER your reaction may be, it is not going to
change my decision or my mind. So please save both of us, the trouble
and get along with it.

I hope, this time you prove me wrong by acting maturely and respectfully.
I wish you best of luck and health. May you get well soon and do
excellent in your studies. Take good care of your health and your
family. And stay happy and busy.

I’m not yours. I will never be. I am no more there and I will never be.

I’m gone.

The sooner you accept it, the better for you.

In the end, I will thank you for all your time, your energy, your
favors …your gifts.
Thank you very much.

And also, I am very sorry for all the hurts and wrongs. I know how
hurt you must be at the moment, but inshAllah you’re going to sail
through. I hope you’re able to forgive me someday.

I cannot give you anything else.

So that’s it.

Goodbye U.



O emailed me this today. Sigh, need not to say more :) I've learned one thing for sure today, somethings just happen, for a reason which couldn't be foreseen.

Goodbye, O.

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bebo ♥ said...

I feel extremely sad after reading this...I have a lot in mind though I don't want to hurt you more at the moment. I know how you'd be feeling
I'd just say...
Sometimes, you have to just let go..!
easy said then done.
we are always there.
NEVER FEEL ALONE. you'll definitely sail through

bollywoodstylediaries said...

aww, I am so sorry:(

Once thing I have learned from experience is that everything happens for the best..Please be safe and take care of urself.

Nostalgic said...

@ Bebo: Don't feel sorry for me, hun :) I'm okay this time, completely. I've declared 'ITS OVER' the very first time. This man never deserved me and its his loss, not mine :) ..

Merey lye koe hoga .. jo mera hoga. But no more relationship mess. Its a bloody wastage of time, energy, tears and of course MONEY :p

And .. today I think - I was good then, when he wasn't here, i was a bitch but HAPPY.


Sonshu said...

OMG. im so so sorry!
BUT thinking about it, Im sure he didnt deserve you as you said.

But i know how you feel! :/

Estell said...

:/ this is very sad...Im so sorry. but im glad you are doing good. i know its really hard but does happen..

Jeweliot said...

Disturbed after reading this.. it's harsh *hug* I'm sorry..

I hope he's right though that after 5 years, you are way over this and happy in life..

I know no one looks back at a serious relationship gone bad and laughs even after a decade.

I hope you smile though. I hope you have the strength to deal with this right now, I hope you become an inspiration for all the people going through heartache.. deal with it well. For yourself, for your parents, for the friends who love and care about you and smile when you smile.

You are a beautiful girl, lovely person.. you deserve the best, you deserve true happiness and love, you shall get it! *hug*


Divaa Divine said...

you at least got an email - i was left without a goodbye wondering where to now - what to do now - it sure is sad but then when things happen, they happen for the good!

yes they do.

i m sure it hurts but dear - hang on!

Jack said...


Read all current posts. A Cloud in the Skyline sums up what one had felt and then love. Always Never Sure, we do have to take a leap sometimes lest we miss out what we intend to achieve. Every Now & Then, it is true a lot of persons show false sympathy. We need to be honest to ourselves in all aspects and not put on a show. I am so sad about you getting mugged and the reaction of guards and staff. Is that the oil sketch by you? If so, it is so professional. I would love to possess one of your works so in future I can boast that about it when you are world renowned. Who has been able to define Love till date? It is beyond being defined by mere words. The feeling differs from person to person. Final Goodbye, hope it is fiction. If not, it is best to move on keeping fond memories and blanking out sad ones. You are most welcome to share it with me, if you wish to.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Relationship at this age don't last more than a year or two, you can keep dragging along, but you never make it to the end, or if you do, you only regret it later in your life.
4-5 years ago, I went through the same, but now, I simply laugh at myself, and so would you.

You will be fine, I am sure honey *hugs* Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't deserve you!

All the best!

Nostalgic said...


I am lost with words. I just know i'll get over with it, very soon. He never deserved me, he had always been uncertain. Most of you, who have been reading my blog since the beginning must be having a good idea about it. He had always been unsure and uncertain ..

Anyhow, bastard, he is.

Ria said...

I dont know what to say...all i want to say right now is that take care and move on in life. Thats the best thing to do.

Jeweliot said...

don't give him importance

anyone who breaks up over an email/ phone are cowards. at least face the woman.

anyway, good that it's over, now you know that you deserve a better life, not the uncertain and unsure man scared of commitment all the time. a man has to be committed to whatever he does.. be it his career, his family responsibilities or his woman.

he did one right thing by ending it and writing everything as it is.. honestly ( a lil too harsh in words, but i can kind of understand why )

he set you free. now you just have to get over the hate, bless you baby

just enjoy your life now, do all the things you love!! parrtttaaayyyyyy

and whenever you get sad or feel a lil angry.. just say "bleh! i'm lucky it didn't go on longer, i came out of it in time, im free!!!!"

Nikki. said...

Glad that you actually accepted the reality sooner then ever. Realization about the truth comes a little late but when it does you really get the point of it all.
There are many more for you outside, just let yourself be YOU for sometime :)


Nostalgic said...

I hate myself for abusing him but i was out of my senses. What more i hate is; i still love him ..

Nostalgic said...

I hate myself for abusing him but i was out of my senses. What more i hate is; i still love him ..

Jeweliot said...

feeling anger and abusing is natural , it happens. don't give yourself so much of grief and guilt over that. you are just a human.. who's going through heart ache. let it go.. time heals everything. just take each day as it comes with a positive outlook... i know it's hard at this time but just smile along.. smile.. and smile... and smile ....and smile more..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You okay with that, nothing else matters.

Hard as it may seem, Cheers,

Blasphemous Aesthete

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Hi I read the email.. and your first reply that he doesnot deserve you.. you are so very right on this ..

sad but this happens People are full of betrayal they hit u when u least expect

God bless you , You take care

Reenie said...

It will hurt for some days, maybe more than just some- but this world is huge and time just flows. In a few years time- I hope you can look back at this chapter and say that it has happened for the best.

You deserve better... no relationship should be one-sided. None- be it between a man and a woman, parents and child, siblings- NONE.

Now... I hope you move on. There's so much more to life than this... you just have to believe that and open yourself and let life take you over.

Here if you need an ear.

Shantanu said...

Oye.. Champ.!! chuk it, tu mera STAR dost hai. You have all the spirits and life in you, move on sweetheart, we all are there with all HEARTS for you.

When you have so many hearts beating for you, don't care at all.

"a tight hug" n wishes.

Shantanu said...

And Im sorry, not for the above thing but for not being in touch and to know this soo late.

Princess said...

Ah ! and another story with a sad end but remember my dear that endings not always are sad , they cause happy beginnings and new starts too :)
Be Well .

Zee said...

oh my god..i have missed so much being away from blogger..*hugs hugs* honey!! it will be alright someday. and you will know it happened for the better..but i understand how hard it must be to cope at the moment

Insomaniac Junkie said...

Heya.. I am sorry for you.. Somethings just happen .. Life is a riddle, at certain point u think u have solved it only to find out that u have complicated it some more.. Be strong..
I am on your blog for the first time.. The email thing looked familiar with my situation ..
and btw hey.. come visit my blog sometime..


Scribbling Girl said...

Did i missed commenting or did my comments didn't get published.....neways >:D< for u......Guys and their weird ways and i agree guys who can't face u and break don't deserve it.....I have been thru such a period where 4 yrs meant notin to someone so i can imagine ur state....I so know...I wish i cd be there and just give u a hug and put u to sleep saying all will be well gal.....just take u gal >:D<

Neeha said...

Hey I don't what to say..
But I know one thing for sure,whats best for us is stored and we will receive it in the ending,once we know whats pain,relations,emotions etc..
Now just take care of yourself..
I know your state and your pain..
Lots of love n hugs buddy.

CrazyGirl said...

hun, im so sorry. i hope ur ok *hugz* i understand how u feel...

Eddie said...

ah well considering ur previous posts i guess you got through that well... must have been a sad sad time. .... i am sure it eventually made you a better and more stronger person.... life and its lessons...ahh well.

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