Tadaa - Life Update :D

Hello, lovely people :)

How're you all? I missed you guys a lot - SG, Dipti, Bebo, Shan, Bea, Ria, Meera, Salman, Splurgy, Zee, Furry and my all time favorite blasphemous Chaudry sahab (apologies if i forgot to name anyone). I am stuck with my semester finals these days; hardly get time to blog but hang on, i read you all regularly *no lies* :) ..

Life's been busy busy. I am so stressed out. I think i have lost the fun-side of mine - thanks to Economics and Accounting! Ah, only if i were born educated, life would have been a haven. Sometimes i feel like running away, dunyaaa sey duur kahin, jahan parhaai na ho. Sounds bollywood'ish, yeah? Okay, whatever -.- I know i have lost a part of my mind too. Never-mind :D .. I was never a nerd, but that doesn't mean i score the least :p you can call me a mediocre student. How many hours in a day could you guys study? I hope not more than 3 hours? I tried studying for 3 hours in a row but ... failed :D You know what happens to me if i study more than 2 hours? See the above picture - :D

 Haha, no, i am not PRETENDING. This picture was taken by a friend whilst i was dreaming about Miami beach parties. Its like the more i study, the more i feel a dagger in my heart.

Papers ending next week. Then, I'll fly to Dubaaaai. Party-timeee! Anyone there in dxb? I have already made a huuuge shopping list. Handbags tops the list; I have been searching for a sexayy yellow bag for a long time now but .. all in vain. I'll get one from Dubai probably. And yes, pointed shoes and scarfs too.

Remember O? Yeah, HE - the-guy-i-once-loved. I dreamt about him a couple of days back. Nightmare, it was. He had been the most unreasonable and cruel man i have ever known. I still loath the image and sight of his. But then, in the morning i got to see my bestest of friends and my to-be fianc
é, H, i couldn't feel any better :) he made me feel at ease and safe. As clichéd as it is, H made me realize that love is just one of those things that you can't understand from the outside - you have to fall, and fall hard. That's when the magic starts to work - and then how you feel about someone simply slips out of your hands. Eh, it sounds so cheesy when it's said like that :)Okay guys, another post coming soon on H , relaaax homies :D

Oh, Happy Belated New-Year :) i just realized its my first post for this year. Apologies :) I wish all of you a prosperous and blessed year ahead with lots of fun, parties and love. For now, i am going back to death-bed study-room. I have economics this monday. Wish me luck for i don't even know what this subject has to do with my course!!

Love. xoxo

14 love for me ..:

WarmSunshine said...

wow... look at you!! hehe

well... i was a nerd... a NERD alright! studying was my hobby and i loved nothing better hehe!! :P

but now, i dont think i can ever study like that again... or,,, may be i can... who knows :)

belated happy new year to you too!

♥ Duchess ♥ said...

ur bloody photogenic !good luck for your exams...n if all fails, keep looking cute :P
missed u too :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Heyyyy? When did I become a Chaudhary from Thakur, I ain't guarding anything yet.

Good to hear from you, I did not even know any place where to file a appeal or give a daleel to find out what happened to you. :P

All the best with the exams. And don't worry, I cannot study for more than 1 hour at length. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Ria said...

Wow!! Thats gr8 news....so glad to knw that u r happy with H. Study hard and party harder in Dubai. :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Have fun in Dubai! and all the best for ur exams..

Meher S B said...

I can relate. I bloody well look like that during my exams. all the best

Scribbling Girl said...

U make me remember my exam days which got over last month :P
All the best u will do well.....

And i so so missed u.....now i want a post abt H soon....I am so so so happy for u darling....and Enjoy Dubai :)

Love ya
Mwaahz :)

Nostalgic said...

@ Mehreen: How could you LOVE studying, woman? 0.o .. Its one thing that irritates me the most.


@ Duchess: Aww, thank you babes, I am photogenic but a little less than you :) and yes, i'll make sure of looking cuute ;)


@ Blasphemous: Lol. Mera Blog, Meri Marzi :p Thakur and Chaudary falls in somewhat the same category, no? Guarding :p

Btw, give me your facebook link. I'ma add you there :)


@ Ria: Thanks, hun. I am so excited for my Dxb trip :D

Nostalgic said...

@ BSD: Thankyou :D ..


@ Meher: Lol. I guess we all look the same while studying. Tormented and harassed :p


@ SG: I am going to post soon on H :) promish.

Furree Katt said...

hey thereeee.
awwwwww. i missed you too (much)! ♥
OMG, those pictures of yours are so cute. good luck for your exams!
DUBAI. i miss it loads. i hope you have am amazing time there. shop all you want, don't hold back :P otherwise it always happens that when people don't buy something from there due to the cost or something, they always regret it when they come back. :P
and H. i would like to shake his hand lol. you seem really happy, and that makes me happy.
thanks for your comment on my blog! that rhyme was so cool haha.
loads of love ♥

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

okay, its here


Splurgerina said...

Lol..your post made me laugh!! I used to study less and sleep more..lol! ;) And of course you feel extra hungry too during exams!! Very cute pics btw...happy new year to you too..best of luck for your exams..and yeah have an awesome time shopping and partying it up in Dubai!!

Sana Castellano said...

Out with O and in with H.
Best of luck <33 And get in touch with ur fun side in Dubai =D

Sidrah said...

I so know wht ure going through.. i just got done wid exams after 3 months of torture *phew* and am so relieved! Good luck wid ur exams n H! =)

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I believe that it's the ordinary that is so distinguished. I am only an amateur who sees the mundane with a twist. Goes around putting titles on self-perceived moments as life goes on by...